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Library FAQ’s

Our library clerks are happy to answer any of your questions, but please check the list below before calling about these common questions.

What is NCLS?

NCLS is the North Country Library System, that provides many services to its 66 libraries across St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, and Oswego Counties.

Patrons cards can be used at any of the member libraries, and easily reserve books from these libraries to have them delivered to your home library.

You can visit their website here.

Do you offer printing and faxing services?

Yes, we do!

We charge 25 cents per page of black and white printing and 50 cents per page for color printing. We do not take cards.

For faxing we charge $2 for the first page, and $1 for each additional page. We do offer a cover sheet for each fax free of charge. After it is completed on our end, we ask patrons to call and ask if the receiver has gotten the fax. If not, we will fax it again free of charge.

We recommend speaking with a clerk and double checking print settings before clicking print to avoid unexpected charges for unneeded pages.

What do I need in order to get a library card?

Patrons must be at least 5 years old in order to get their own library card.

Each patron must provide proof of identity AND a proof of residency in the 4 county service area of NCLS (St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, and Oswego)

Acceptable proof of identity can be a state issued identification, or work/school ID. Acceptable proof of residency can be a utility bill or lease in your name, or a school report card. If you are unsure if your documentation is enough, please contact the library.

Do I need a library card to use your computers or print?

The short answer is no, you do not.

However, we recommend that you do get a library card as it will provide access to many online resources available through NCLS, and you can access the full features of the NCLS catalogue with a card.

Can I reserve your meeting spaces?

Yes. Meeting space is available on a first come first serve basis, but reservations will trump any unreserved usage.

Call the library to reserve a space.

Can you help me find this book, the cover is ______?

There are a variety of ways our clerks can locate books, so we will do our best with the provided information!

Can you renew my book?

Books are typically checked out for 28 days, but if it is allowed to be renewed, it will automatically renew through the NCLS application. You can also check your due date, place books on hold, as well as search the entire NCLS database through the NCLS application.

Newer materials are sometimes limited if they can be renewed, and if an item is loaned from another library, only the loaning library can renew that item.